Our Journey

We started off in 2016, posting pictures and writing about food, all of a sudden people started calling us for recommendations and started to follow our journey. We want the world to know the best creative dishes through our cullinary experiences.

“Sorry, I can't date you. I'm committed to Food.”

I should eating Healthy Stuff, but before that I need to finish off the junk food in the house which won't disturb or tempt me anymore !!!.


The incredible Chocolate Mousse at Glocal Junction,Worli. Forgetting the taste would be much harder, just go and binge on !!!!

pav bhaji nachos

Have you ever heard about Pav Bhaji Nachos?
Shiv Krishna (Opera House) serves the best Pav Bhaji Nachos in the entire Mumbai, I bet you guys cannot find his Replacement.
Our verdict 5/5.

india's best lassi

Check out India’s Best Lassi served in Mumbai (Dadar) at Kailash Lassiwala. Somehow there is a Magic in his Lassi which you can’t miss out. Mark this one in your Bucket list.

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Dishes & Recipies from all over India !!

We promise to share the most kick-ass food dishes and our culinary experiences with you from all over India. 


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