Cheesiest dishes in Mumbai – Cheese on Fire at Ghatkopar

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Mumbai stalls are at par when it comes to experience cheesiest dishes. For all the cheese lovers we are sharing a hidden gem where you can find the cheesiest dishes in Mumbai.

Well, cheese on fire named outlet is super famous in Ghatkopar for his melting torch skills and deadly cheesy dishes. The stall is always full after 6pm in the evenings. 
Just at the age  of 32 Shailesh Chaurasia has made this outlet a hit amongst all the locals and foodies in ghatkopar in a span of 2 years.  They are  known for best pizza shots and momos in ghatkopar.
Besides pizza shots other dishes like Fearless, P3 theory and tandoori momos are a hit here. Talking about p3 theory, this dish has pizza sauses, corn, kanda ,capsicum and puri plus italian and schezwan sauce and ketchup with a melting layered cheese and nacho chips garnished above the dish to make it look spectacular. And the special pizza shots has also same ingredients stuffed inside the circular puri drizzled with melting cheese giving a burnt effect with a melting torch.
Its looks vibrant when he uses the fire torch on his dishes and foodies love this. Specially today youngsters are addicted to cheesy dishes and these guys make it perfectly. On Saurday/sundays they sell more than 150 dishes from their special cheese menu. The response is overwhelming and we are loving it says Shailesh bhai. Ravi kumar who works here says, “We like to experiment with dishes and add fusion techniques, if people love it we implement it and add it on our menu. It also makes us happy when customers here appreciate us when it comes to taste”. 
The prices for pizza shots is just 140 and P3 nachos is 200. No seating arrangement available here, you can stand and eat. Located at the famous khau gully in ghatkopar east, a cheese lover should visit it once. Make sure you tick off this outlet full of cheesiest dishes in Mumbai.
”I visit cheese on fire every alternate sundays specially for pizza shots. Staff is friendly and quick service available. They are doing good and want to see more items on their menu”,says Smita Shah.
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