Different types of Mushrooms


Button mushroom, oyster mushroom and straw mushroom are major types of mushrooms cultivated in India. Paddy straw mushrooms can grow in temperatures ranging from 35-40 degrees. While oyster mushrooms are grown on northern plains. All three mushrooms are grown commercially with their irrespective techniques. They are grown on special beds called composed beds.

Below are the few characteristics of different mushrooms-

Portobello Mushrooms: If Button mushrooms are babies, then Portbello are it’s grandparents as they are left to mature for a long time. These appear brown in colour, larger in size and have a more-meaty texture, though these retain their mild flavour. It is the ultimate stage of the Button mushrooms. These are deliciously gilled or cooked, whole or sliced and commonly used in Italian dishes and burgers.

Button Mushrooms: These are the most common type of mushroom consumed in India. It generally appears white but can also be slightly brownish in colour. Though it doesn’t have much culinary values, it’s generally sliced up and used as a topping on pizza, noodles or soups. You can easily find this variety in grocery stores

Shiitake Mushrooms: Although they belong to an infamous variety of mushroom, these taste delicious. These are brown coloured, umbrella-shaped mushrooms which are also known to have medicinal benefits.

Oyster Mushrooms: Fan-shaped, soft and whitish-coloured mushroom with a delicate odor and flavour, they appear in different hues of white, such as cream, grey, yellow or light brown. They can be eaten raw but should be cooked to enhance their delicate flavour.

Porcini Mushrooms: These are yet another variety of mushroom, highly known for it’s culinary properties. Also known as ‘Cep mushroom’, they have a woodsy-taste and are sold dried. Most commonly Porcini mushrooms are used in Italian cooking. They can get really big in size, around 10 inches, but are generally harvested when around one inch.

Shimeji mushrooms: Although native to East Asia, ‘Shimeji mushrooms’ can also be found in Northen Europe. They taste bitter when consumed raw, therefore should be cooked well. These are also known as white beech mushrooms.

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