Famous & Unique Vada-Pav in Mumbai- Mulund

This is a Legendary Vada pao wala since many years and winning our hearts and making our stomach much more heavier with a broad smile on our face. Yes, the vada pao wala which we are talking about is the one and only Masala Vada pao wala at Mulund west, just opposite Kalidas Natya Mandir. 
          The uniqueness of his Vada-pao lies in the making of his style and innovation. There are loads of Bollywood celebrities and filmy people who are fan of this Masala VadaPao wala. And obviously every artist/actors who comes to perform at Kalidas make sure that they have this legendary Vada-Pao and then return home.
       Coming to the making of Vada Pao, they usually first place the sheet of Pao’s on the tawa and add the mandatory oil, the garam masala,pav-bhaji masala, kothimbir and loads of butter plus crushed veggies and give terrific texture of Masala Pav to it. Then the pav sheet is transferred to the wada-maker where he opens the pav and places garma-garam Vada’s into the Pav and serves with green and coconut chutney. This legendary Masala Vada Pao is just for Rs.25. At such a reasonable price you get a tantalizing taste of masala pav plus a Garma-garam batata vada with two chutneys. We tried this and our verdict is 5/5. You can also add cheese on this Masala vada which will cost 10-20 bucks extra. Please make sure this stall is always crowded and you have to wait for 5-15 minutes for your order. Yogeshbhai has been working since many years here and serving this Masala vada pao to Mumbaikars. He says ” We are glad people love our Masala Vada pao as we were the one who started this unique concept in Mulund. We will always be grateful to our customers who made us Famous.”  Seating is not available, you can stand and eat or ask for a parcel.
“I often visit Kalidas natya mandir at Mulund whenever we have to perform there for Gujarati dramas. So the first thing I do is reach there and have my favourite masala vada pav before the show and obviously after the show too. Even if I diet I cannot resist such a tasty vada pao”, Says Khetsi Niser.
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