Hidden Gem in Santacruz- Poha Samosa & Batata wada

Santosh Gopal Sawant is running this super hit successful stall since last
35 years. The USP here is the legit
Poha samosa, batata wada and misal pav.
He thought of making poha samosa when he saw that many places in Mumbai had stopped making this legendary dish. When he was small he often used to visit southindian restaurants which served paper samosa also called poha samosa which had poha stuffing, so he started making this dish at  Batatawada Samrat at Santacruz west, two mins away from the station.
Ingredients in poha samosa are
Spring onion ,poha and indian peas.
They avoid palm oil and use
double filtered sunflower oil and masalas are made inhouse.
They focus on quality and service rather than quantity.

The owner Santosh Gopal sawant is a spiritual person and Bhagwat Geeta kathakar, he travels all over Maharashtra to give free lessons on Bhagwat geeta.

 “I often visit santacruz for shopping and the first thing I do here having hot poha samosas here which are my favourite. Apart from this I also have Batata wada. The quality is super authentic is what I would like to add. If you are in Santacruz then definately come at Batatawada Samrat” says Ramila Vadhan who is a regular foodie here.

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