India’s Best and No. 1 Cocktail Youtuber – Sanjay Ghosh


In conversation with India’s leading man Sanjay Ghosh when it comes to making terrific Cocktails. Few things about his journey and some interesting coffee recipes shared by the Cocktail master. Zanjibayl Honey Coffee & Coffee Tadka which are far much better than the flop Dalgona Coffee

Sanjay Ghosh(Aka Dada Bartender), Director of Cocktails India, India’s No1 Cocktail YouTube channel, who always believe “Until you do it you will never know”. Born and brought up in Kolkata in a middle-class family with limited means. In the past 14 years of experience, he worked in various cities in many large Corporates and Startups as well.

In a large part of his career, he has earned his living being behind the bar and understanding spirits andalcohol to its core. He has trained 1000s and more Professionals for Fair Bartending, Mixology, and Making complex bar menus. He has consulted and trained more than 21+ organizations in India which include brands like Club Mahindra, Oberoi, Kenilworth, Taj, JW Marriott, The Park, etc. using the creative mind-set to design innovative cocktails, serving process and user experience.

Sanjay is currently working as “Consultant” for Paul John Whisky (East), Brand Ambassador – Blue tea India (East), consulting organizations for business transformation, unboxing videos, conducting Beverage workshops, and a serious Vlogger on YouTube. He has also worked in countless events and understands the requirements to its core. Over the past few years, He followed his passion for making unique drinks and showing to the world through YouTube. Started in 2016 and today he stands before you as India’s 1st and also, (40 Best cocktail YouTube channel in the Web – Ranked 7th) Most Followed Online Cocktail Channel.

As we know Dalgona coffee was a Fad, only the presentation was nice and tastewise reviews were below average all over the internet. It just came and went away for a short-term period. The King of Cocktails Sanjay Ghosh recommends us few fusion coffee recipes with us which will not only make us drool but can also be called an authentic coffee in commercial terms. You can make these easily at your home and enjoy the unique taste.
Zanjibayl Honey Coffee
A Black Coffee with Ginger(Zanjibayl, is an Aerobic word of Fresh Ginger) & Honey.
Method:- Make Regular Black Hot Coffee with a help of 1cup water and coffee powder and boil it.
And at the end of boiling point add a thin slice of ginger, and boil a  little more. Pour the coffee into a coffee cup & add 2 tablespoon honey stir well and serve hot 
Please don’t use sugar with this, because honey is already there in the coffee.
Coffee TADKA which is called  Traditional Indian Milk Coffee with Indian Spices.           Method:- 
Make Strong Black Hot Coffee and add a small stick of Cinnamon, 1 Nos Cloves, 1 Star Anise, 1/2 cardamom and boiled one more Minute, pour that strong black coffee 4/1 or only 45 ml  in a coffee cup then pour hot milk including 1tbsp sugar and a good amount of froth. 
Garnish with a tiny amount of Cumine powder and Coffee Tadka is ready.

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